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August 8th, 2016 by J

Unlike most actors and actresses who started as a child with their careers, Asia Argento didn’t belong to the list of lucky ‘child stars’ who grew up with very supportive parents. She has been quite open about the gap in her relationship with her father in interviews and she made it clear that she has been independent since age 14 when she ran away from home for the same reason. She was an unhappy kid who felt unappreciated and deprived, most especially, of a father’s love. She did well with her career from that day on, the moment she found freedom in expressing herself in her passion as a model, singer, actress, and a director. But Argento is not all work as she gets bored with mundane things and stuff that she had to do on a repeat for weeks to months so she found a way to make up for all the sacrifices she had to make in such a young age when she was without much guidance on how to rise up from her depressing mood swings.

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They say, some skanky bitches resort to sleeping around with random men just because they lack the attention and love of their father and maybe Argento has somewhat been doing the same as she is caught in this hot leaked sex tape with some man that she just met while spending a nice day at a beach. An Italian chick like her who can converse in multi-languages plus her undeniable hotness in that bikini, would catch any man’s eye especially that she has her sexy accent that could easily make a limp dick hard. She got “picked up” by the shore while she was showing off her fine curves and felt she has to take the risk of fucking the man who found her not just gorgeous but hot and fuckable as well. Her tits and ass speak for themselves, Argento only need to make the first move of stripping naked and letting this man do whatever he pleases with her in a cozy room, banging away and spraying a load of cum. This is her way of just letting loose and moving on from her sadness because to her, having a good fuck with a total stranger who doesn’t need to know who she is entirely feels so much better than getting attached and creating more problems.

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Asia Argento tastes friend’s pussy

Italian actress, Asia Argento, just got back from a trip and took a hot girlfriend with her. They met at a restaurant, had a few drinks and ended up being playmates. They like going wild while naked in a pool of water and using their toys to fuck their cunts with.

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September 21st, 2010 by az

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She’s the hottest thing to come out of Italian cinema since Sophia Loren. And now the notorious Asia Argento has done it again! This time, the rebellious daughter of famous Italian filmmaker Dario Argento has posed in these pictures stark naked and simply stunning! The raven haired actress has been the subject of tabloids and paparazzi trying to get a peek at her voluptuous body for quite a while now and I guess she decided to get it over with by posing completely in the nude for these photos.

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I can’t help but drool over these naked images of my favorite Italian babe. She’s such an exotic fuckable hottie and she knows it! Asia is one hot piece of ass and now you can see her in all her naked glory. Today is your chance to get her sexy photos and admire her curvy body. If you want more or are looking for other hot pictures of this saucy celeb, then check out this extensive gallery of Asia Argento naked images.

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Asia Argento Looks Lovely In Black

April 22nd, 2010 by az

Here we have our favorite Italian hottie in her favorite color – black!  Now I know lots of other celebs like black too because it’s a slimming color and it makes them look thinner.   But Asia Argento doesn’t need to wear black to look sexy, she’s just naturally that nubile and luscious!  It must be the genes, and I bet that’s where she gets her edge too, being the daughter of Italian horror director Dario Argento.  She’s one of the few celebs out there with some depth to her character, and that’s why we love her.  But of course the main reason is that she’s easy on the eyes and has a great body that we’ve seen naked!

But this sexy look at Asia doesn’t have any nudity, so I just urge you to enjoy how she looks in these sizzling pics.  And if you want to see more of her (especially the naked part), make sure to check out Asia Argento nude on this site!

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There’s something about this hot Italian actress that makes us guys go crazy over her, and just looking at her beautiful face is enough to make you delirious with delight… most especially when she starts to take off all her clothes and shed that super sexy naked body for the entire world to see and enjoy. Asia Argento is simply oozing with pure sex appeal that keeps us longing for her even more, and now you can get to enjoy this hottie when we give you more of her revealing and seductive naked pictures packed with the hottest and seductive poses where you see more of Asia‘s luscious tits, plump ass and fine pussy!

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You may have seen Asia Argento butt naked on film and in magazines and I’m pretty much sure that you had a grand time wanking yourself with delight while fantasizing about her uber sexy body in the flesh so to speak, and there are literally tons of those images circulating everywhere including the internet. But most of the time you get to see the same thing over and over again and even though those photos depict one naked Asia Argento, we tend to get bored with it and look for something hotter… but there’s no need to look elsewhere since we got some of the most revealing and sexy nude photos of this Italian hottie that has never been seen before and now you get the chance to sift through our huge collection of her pictures that is enough to make you cream in your pants all day!

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At the age of 18, Asia Argento did her very first nude scene for the movie “Trauma” and from that moment on, she began to do other films where she bravely took off her clothes and made love in the big screen with fellow actors and actresses while the public began to take notice of her acting prowess whereas for the other guys, they took notice on how sexy and alluring her naked body was and now every dude in town can’t stop wanking their dongs every time they get to reminisce Asia in all of her naked and sleazy glory. And now you have more than enough reasons to jerk even more when we present to you our collection of Asia Argento’s nude movie scenes taken from two of her English-language films she did namely B. Monkey and New Rose Hotel.

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She’s all woman and all sexy, that is how we best describe this luscious Italian actress named Asia Argento who may have got you all stiff in between the legs after appearing naked in several of her movies or you might have seen her pose naked for some magazine in the past. But it was only until recently that our hardworking buddies have uncovered some of these revealing and sleazy images of Asia who’s not only seen butt naked but she’s somehow engaging in one hot hardcore fuck session as these lucky dudes gang up on her while she enjoyed those stiff and throbbing cocks pumping in and out of her gaping pussy and asshole as Asia smiles with sheer delight from all the raunchiness she has been experiencing… and they are all captured in vivid and explicit detail!

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